Wedding Credit: Financing Your Marriage: Sponsorship

To prepare for the happiest day of your life, you will have to calculate your budget intelligently. And you will realize that the bill can quickly go up. Dress, caterer, ballroom, music will swell the amount of your wedding quickly to reach an average of $ 13,000. Wedding rings can also be a major source of expense.

Wedding budget


But there is an interesting solution born in the United States to reduce its wedding budget from 20 to 50%: sponsorship. It is actually a question of soliciting providers who will sponsor your marriage and therefore partially finance it by offering you services.

Of course, you will have to return the elevator to these partners by advertising them during your wedding to all your guests. So you have to think carefully about the most balanced way to use sponsorship.

It’s not about turning the best day of your life into an advertising fair. Anticipate how you will be able to include advertisements in your event so that they are well highlighted (to satisfy the service provider) but not untimely. This event is above all your day and it is you who must be highlighted.

Here are some tips for creating an advertisement that will not pollute your marriage:

– Suggest to the partner to swipe their card in the invitation

– Make available to guests at the entrance to the room, your partner’s leaflets.

– Add small signs with the name of your caterer next to the buffet or leave their menu available.

– Create a “partner” page on your wedding blog where you will highlight the companies that have helped you finance your event.

Take the time to prepare a file to present to your future partners


But to find sponsors, you have to be well organized. Take the time to prepare a file to present to your future partners by specifying the number of people invited, the date and the place of the event but also and above all how you will be able to expose the name of their brand.

Be convincing and transmit your enthusiasm to your partners to make them want to participate in this special day. Before soliciting large groups, first orient yourself towards the companies in your region that need to make themselves known and with whom contact will be easier.

Requires a lot of personal investment


Be careful, finding sponsors is not easy and requires a lot of personal investment. You have to know how to convince and persevere because companies that do not know about marriage sponsorship can sometimes find the process strange.

In addition, be prepared for criticism from some of your guests who do not understand your approach. Know how to explain the why of how and especially to tastefully integrate these sponsors into your decoration. Your wedding is the happiest day of your life above all.

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