The Most Typical and Common Side Effects of Kamagra

Kamagra is a medication that is often used to treat erectile dysfunction and hypertension. It consists of the active substance sildenafil citrate. If we talk about its effect, it is very similar to the action of Cialis and Viagra. Kamagra has not been approved by the FDA, so it is available only outside of the United States. Taking into account that Kamagra does not have fakes, sildenafil anyway can cause certain side effects of different severity level. It is also worth mentioning that the severity of adverse effects depends on the patient’s lateral diseases.

Kamagra side effects: headache

The most common side effects of Kamagra manifest themselves in the form of headaches. Pfizer, the original manufacturer of sildenafil, reports that headaches occur in approximately 16% of patients. Sildenafil exerts a remarkable effect on blood circulation, increases body temperature and triggers dehydration. All of these factors can lead to headaches that persist during the drug’s period of action.

In 2003 Dr. Christina Kruuse with her colleagues discovered that the intake of sildenafil increased the likelihood of headaches and migraines compared to placebo. However, clinical trials show that the headaches are due not to the intake of sildenafil, but to the sensitization and hyperexcitability of perivascular sensory nerve fibers. In other words, sildenafil causes headache in contrast to normal processes in the brain.

Kamagra side effects: redness of the skin

Redness is another side effect of Kamagra that is typical for approximately 10% of all patients. It occurs because of the change in temperature that is due to increased blood circulation in certain parts of the body. If we talk about men, it is observed in the area of ​​genitals, waist, chest and face. Women may notice the same reactions. Reddening of the skin often happens during sexual stimulation, while Kamagra may intensify such a reaction. Generally, redness disappears after orgasm. In addition to the redness one may notice dizziness. This is due to an imbalance in blood pressure throughout the body.

Kamagra side effects: digestive problems

Kamagra can also cause digestive problems such as upset stomach or diarrhea. The reaction of the gastrointestinal system depends on the dose. The high dosage is not recommended for patients who already have bowel or stomach problems. In October 2004 Dr. Mauro Rosalmeida and his colleagues reported that sildenafil significantly delays gastric emptying and the time of permanence of food in the stomach. Sildenafil relaxes the smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract by releasing nitric oxide. It is recommended to drink more water and avoid foods rich in fats. Alcohol can also aggravate digestive problems in combination with Kamagra.

List of side effects of Kamagra according to its frequency

Most typical side effects (occur in 1 of 10 patients):
headache, nausea.

Common (1 of the 100 patients):
nasal congestion;
blurred vision, increase sensitivity to light.

Rare (1 of the 1000 patients):
bladder pain;
chest pain;
Muscle pain;
acular pain, lachrymation;
blood in the urine or ejaculation;

Uncommon (1 of the 10,000 patients):
heart problems;
hearing problems;
high or low blood pressure.

Very rare (unknown frequency):
a prolonged and painful erection (priapism);
severe chest pain, palpitations;
myocardial infarction;
Stevens-Johnson syndrome;
Lyell’s drug syndrome;
unstable arrhythmia;
brain accident

How to avoid the side effects of Kamagra?

Do not drink alcohol. Alcoholic beverages not only increase side effects, but also reduce the effectiveness of sildenafil. It is not recommended to drink more than one glass of wine with Kamagra to minimize the risk of adverse effects.

Give up recreational drugs. So-called poppers can cause the drop in blood pressure to dangerous levels for life. Sildenafil can be ingested in doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg. Take the lowest dose to decrease the risk of side effects.

Interactions with other medications. Some drugs can interfere with sildenafil and increase its side effects. If you have any doubts, check with your doctor.


Since Kamagra contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, many men accept it with all the security. The main reason is that the side effects are equal, their frequency and severity are also the same. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor if you have questions about Kamagra.

Kamagra Gel

Another of the fascinatingly unpublished representations for the fight against sexual impotence is Kamagra Gel. This medication has become one of the most famous medications, due to its versatility to contribute to virile potentiation. But … what’s the use? How to ingest it without wanting? What are its benefits and effects? And the most imperative; Where can it be located?

If you have raised these questions and have stumbled conveniently with this valuable information; We can respectfully make the suggestion that you continue reading as we will try to solve all those concerns that go around your mind regarding this product awarded as a punga instrument against sexual impotence.

Like other presentations of this product, Kamagra Gel, is exposed with the same main substance, Sildenafil. Its function procedure is focused on promoting the blood re-circulation to the virile organ to nourish the stability and excitement that it lacks.


Within the pecualities that the innovative Kamagra Gel brings to provide you and your company with an amazingly pleasurable experience, which is supported by the sexual stimulation that the couple can embrace. Because of its effects and broad spectrum, this medication is recommended to be used no more than once per day as long as you have continuous privacy.

Kamagra side effects

The alternate effects related to the intake of Kamagra Gel are mostly imperceptible. That is, in very few scenarios, they appear within the sexual context. However, the similarity with its equivalents, ranging from dizziness to gastric sensitivity little pleasant.

What should I do when consuming Kamagra gel

One of the main aspects that must be borne in mind, is not to exceed under any reason the dose prescribed both medically and those that come in the package.

Do not consume this medicinal product mixed with other chemicals of similar functionality or others intended to treat other chronic pathologies.

Do not give this medication to your sexual partner. It is essential that you remember the function of kamagra Gel in the male organism, that is, that it should not be ingested by women, because it can cause some intolerance.

Do not leave the accessibility of children and / or the elderly, their consumption at inappropriate ages can cause the development of other types of conditions.

Do not hesitate to consult a medical specialist are essential before you start to consume Kamagra Gel.

Do not maintain an excessive diet of fatty foods, because they can significantly delay the work of Sildenafil in the male organism and can erroneously think about the ineffectiveness of the medicine.

Mode of intake of Kamagra gel

The Kamagra Gel sample is displayed on pharmaceutical shelves in dosages of 100mg whose capsules must be ingested at least one hour before intimacy. In addition to this, it is good to take into account some aspects associated with the consumption of this medicine:

Primarily, we urgently ask you to visit a trusted sexologist or his reproductive specialist defect, so that he can guide you in the use of this medicine, even more so if you are considering starting the intake of Kamagra Gel for the first time. Although these drugs are available on different digital and physical platforms without the need to carry a prescription, the guidance of an expert in medicinal sciences is never over.

It is also common to self-medicate and this is something that is wrong because, due to total ignorance or ignorance, the stipulated doses are exceeded, which can be released in serious syndromes and / or ramifications for the human entity.

Only an intern of medicine will know as accurately as possible, what will be the ideal portions for the particularity of each individual. Generally, these practitioners are also those who encourage consumers and who intend to start modifying, or strengthen the routine of their routine so that the medication works better in the body and at the physical level the effects are optimized.

Where to buy Kamagra gel online in a 100 mg presentation?

The acquisition of Kamagra Gel in Spain is not a problem. The distribution of this medicine is easy to locate in different physical establishments that sell medicine. On the other hand, the sale of the product is supported by websites dedicated especially to this type of work. Through the online registration and the request of the product in a reserved way, the possibility of beginning to enjoy the benefits of Kamagra in a short time, once the shipping possibilities are agreed upon. Coupled with this, if you become a regular member of the website, you can receive your membership can reduce the delivery of the product in a record time.

On the other hand, the digital spaces that offer these characteristics of special clients, expand the option of executing on your customers payments on delivery, that is, you will obtain the pre-eminence of canceling the product only when you have received it totally in cash.

Super Kamagra

For those gentlemen that medicine does not favor in their altercation of hindrance in protecting masculine virility, Super Kamagra was created, this recent brew combines several active principles, with a collective purpose, mainly to help disperse the unfortunate mishap in which it can become not have potential at the time of being low covers in a hot scene. And also ensure that that erection is not interrupted by an early ejaculation. That is to say, this elaboration gives double tanda of a vehement appetite in sexuality.

Tolerate ejaculation and impotence, it had never been easier for the male people, honoring its name “Super Kamagra” has become the savior of many, becoming the archenemy of those obstacles in sex to this day today he had suffered the male gender. The active ingredients of this medicine are sildenafil and dapoxetine, both of which consist of vasodilators that also stimulate the prolongation of the sensations promoted by serotonin.


For a correct intake of this treatment, it must be taken into account that the safe dose is at most one tablet per day. The action of the drug starts around an hour after its consumption, pushed by the erotic-laden romp that is commonly immersed before penetration. It is preferred that at the time of intake, the tablets are accompanied with water because this optimizes the filtration of the miscellaneous aggregates in the product.

Since it is a daily mechanism of intake. It may happen that you forget to take it at least one day, if this small incident should happen, under no circumstance should you take two doses on the same day, because you could instantly overdose, which would affect your health, the side effects.

Notes before drinking super Kamagra

This section is intended to inform about some episodes that could diminish, or go against, the fruits of the super Kamagra.

Avoid considerably the intake of substances that contain high degrees of liquor, because the mixture of these with the ingredients of Super Kamagra, could have a desmelenase nothing pleasant and undermine the perfect night I hoped to achieve. A hypotension is one of the most common symptoms due to the mixture of alcohol and pills, possibly conjugated with other collateral damages, mostly mild.

Also, the intake of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, is not at all compatible with the supply of these drugs, as it can lead to severe intestinal problems. Like this one, junk or loaded food before the intake of Super Kamagra, otherwise it is likely to cut off the fabulous results you could achieve.

Visiting a specialist is perhaps the most important advice, with your help, you will establish, in a timely manner, the proportion adjusted to your empire and comfort, for which a prior consultation is vital to give you guidance so that you take it into account.

Keeping the medicine out of children’s reach is also significant, these products are not suitable in any way for the consumption of children, so keeping it in reserve is the best way to safeguard the health of the little ones.

Contraindications of super Kamagra

As already mentioned, the medical consultation is propitious when beginning in the prolonged consumption of Super Kamagra. Because it is not a clinical experiment or you are a guinea pig, the most reasonable thing is that a doctor orients about the inclusion of this medicine in your repertoire, even more if you have some of the following realities:

  • Heart diseases
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Problems with blood pressure
  • Retinitis
  • Anemia
  • Problems related to HIV.

Consequences of super Kamagra

Basically these consequences will be manifested, according to the health condition of the patients who decide to drink the super powerful pill Kamagra. Its assimilation will be influenced by a diversity of factors, so it is difficult to specify in detail. Even if that is the case, if you notice some signs from the list below, you might seek professional help:

  • Facial flushing
  • Injuries in the temple
  • Sickness
  • Passive vision or hearing inspections
  • Nasal congestion
  • Prolonged erection

Super Kamagra with other medicines: How does it interact?

The active components of Super Kamagra, in many cases, interact with chemicals present in other medicines.

Therefore, you should avoid alternating with treatments that include:

  • Nitroprusside
  • Amyl nitrate
  • Antidepressants
  • Selective inhibitors for serotonin reuptake
  • Tramadol
  • Medications for the treatment of HIV.

Where to buy super Kamagra online in Spain?

If you live in Spain, you can obtain this product through specialized online websites, which mostly offer a Gold membership record, which aims to speed up shipments and you can enjoy your product as soon as possible.

How Does Kamagra Work?

Kamagra is a means to get a better erection. The operation of Kamagra is based on a medical scientific basis. After taking Kamagra you will no longer suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is important to understand how Kamagra works and the consequences for your body.

Widening of blood vessels with sildenafil

The active substance in Kamagra is sildenafil and is part of the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. This substance inhibits the production of phosphodiesterase in the bloodstream. This substance breaks down the substances in the blood that dilate blood vessels. By temporarily halting the action of phosphodiesterase, the erection will be more powerful and last longer.

The enzymes are slowed down and the blood vessels to the penis become wider. This way, enough blood can flow to the penis when it is in a relaxed state. As a result, the swelling bodies can fill with blood, which leads to an erection. The sildenafil ensures that the blood will not flow directly from the penis, resulting in an erection that will last longer.

Available in different forms

Kamagra is normally taken in tablet form with some water. It takes about half an hour to an hour for the active substances to be absorbed into the bloodstream. In addition to a pill, Kamagra is also available as a liquid jelly, chewable tablets or effervescent tablets.

Read the package leaflet carefully

Kamagra 100mg is a medical supplement for which you must read the package leaflet carefully. The active substance sildenafil can cause side effects in some people. It is not intended that Kamagra be taken together with stimulants including but not excluded to poppers. If in doubt it is advisable to contact your doctor. The erection will take place in situations of excitement and not at other times. In this way, annoying situations in daily life are avoided.